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Do Good, Have Fun Haleiwa Beach Cleanup - Thank you!

On Saturday, Nathan and I, along with our other halves, attended the "Do Good, Have Fun" beach cleanup in Haleiwa, HI...that's on the North Shore for you townies.

Haleiwa is a small town. So much so that the Chamber of Commerce was reviewing the list of attendees when one name stuck out. A local contractor who also happens to be my sweetie pie. I showed up to his house on Friday night and he mentioned that they had given him a call to see if he could help them build a fence during the work day. He of course agreed.

On cleanup morning we arrived right at 8, registered and dressed in our best orange traffic cone-esque provided shirts, and our first task to to strip out the sticks and caution tape that constituted the current "fence." They were replaced with fence posts and netting, to keep visitors out of dangerous area near the bathrooms where the concrete was crumbling.

Once finished, we grabbed our trash bags and gloves and headed out to pick up trash. Nathan and Hanul appeared and we joked about the all inclusive list on which we were to check the kinds of trash we cleared from the beach. Luckily we didn't actually find any tampons so we didn't have to check off that box! But we did pick up 1,000+ cigarette butts, probably another 1,000 bottle caps and countless other bags of trash. By the time we headed back, it was around 10:30/11 and the group was almost finished with the process of packing up. It's funny, I didn't realize it ended at 10 so luckily our bags were full and we needed to head in and found out. We dropped off our garbage quickly then went home to grab my ID so we could attend the after party. The Proud Peacock sponsored the event, which is a new restaurant located in Waimea Valley. It was am amazing spread of food, from salad to sandwich sliders and mac salad and cookies and 3, count 'em, 3 beers apiece! I had my limit at 2 ;)

All in all, it was another successful HIC day at the beach. We can't wait to do it again! Thank you to the Adopt a Beach Program, Bud Light and the North Shore Chamber of Commerce. See our photo gallery for some pictures of the day.


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